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It’s been said that “necessity is the mother of all invention”

And this was certainly true for me when I first took that giant leap of
faith to start VCM. At a time when the only option was going it alone, I
saw the need for a centralised, coordinated and controlled solution in
the world of logistics and freight and jumped at the opportunity.

20 years later, I’m proud to say that VCM has delivered global
logistics solutions to over 100 loyal and satisfied clients. Together
we’ve navigated the stormy waters of global logistics and I’m thrilled
that you’re on our website looking for a new partner.

Together, making sure that your business does its business… is what my business is all about.

My team and I stand ready, so make that call. – Jo Rörich, C.E.O


Carmen Roberts

Office Manager

Moeneebah Hendricks

Operations Manager

Jenny Ngambu

Operations Controller

Mzu Gqirana

Operations Controller